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Yes! It has been a while since I last wrote here but a lot of things have been going on since my last entry. So here is an update of what has been going on since I arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Well after my first night in Halifax, I woke up to head out again downtown to the Citadel in Halifax and my timing couldn't have been any better. As I arrive at the gates to the Citadel they were going through the changing of the guard, which not as specatular as in London but then again Halifax is a lot smaller than London. Shortly after...well about an hour or so then everyone was surrounding one gun in the citadel as it was exactly 12 noon and the gun they fired was of course the noon gun. Now this has been a tradition for hundred of years that the gun is fired at 12 noon and 9pm everyday excluding Christmas Day. However there has been one change since the early times where they only use 1lb of black powder today instead of 4lbs back then and there was at one point a legislation act that the British Military were not responsible if your windows broke during the firing of the gun.

The citadel itself wasn't as good as the one in Québec City but was still impressive and after my little walk around for a few hours I was back downtown looking around town and watching a magician or two ont he harbour front before heading to Pizza Corner for a Donair, which Pam told me I had to have otherwise I would not have had the Halifax experience.

So back to the hostel to pack and check out before heading off to Truro to meet Pam's family for a couple of days. It was a nice surprise when Pam was telling me about it when I was in St. John's and to be honest I was quite shocked that they offered but not complaining.

So first night at the Tiller's and we spent the night with the grand tour of the house and chilling in the living room watch a film and grabbing a piza delivery so a pretty chilled out night and then a lie in until fairly late, well 10am anyways and then we headed out in the car to drive along the northern Nova Scotian coast. We stopped off at a few places like lookout towers, beaches and a few other places like Southampton and Denmark before finally getting home to relax at night with some Canada Day fireworks from the hill near to where we were. So time at the Tiller's was funfilled and no time to laze about as we were out in the car for a good 8 hours or so. Well atleast I slept well that night.

So the next day I was bound for Moncton so in the morning, Pam's mum drove me around Truro to show me this and that etc, etc and then we stopped off at a drug store for some food on the train and also for a snadwich to eat then. So at the train station, I checked in my suitcase and then Pam's mum took me out to the station platform to show me a wall painting that Pam had started but did not quite finish. This painting was for an art scholarship and was a pair of hands holding the world and all about recycling.

So off I go to Moncton on the train and considering we were up in the north of Nova Scoita, it still took me 3 hours to get to Moncton and when I arrived, I ended up wasting $6 on the taxi because I didn't know where the hostel was from the train station but turns out that it was right up the road about 5 minutes. So the hostel itself looks like a student house with a student-esque feel to it as the people running the place were fairly young. So for the first night Mike (owner), Pete (Australia) and I went to the river bank to watch some belated Canada Day fireworks as apparently the weather was so bad that they didn't go ahead on Canada Day. The display was more impressive than the display I saw in Truro.

So Tuesday came in Moncton and I decided to go walk around town and wow the downtown area was small and I ended up in Dieppe which was a settlement next to Moncton. During the time I was out which was about four hours it had chucked it down 4 times and the last time was just after I had my hair cut and I was outside with my hoodie so I get absolutely drenched wet through. So a new city and new look for the time anyway and when I got back to the hostel there were plans for a new thing too when a few new people moved into my room and one of the guys [John] brought he guitar so him and Pete were jamming away in the lounge and then later on whilst Pete was playing the guitar, John pulls out his violing as well and they continue to jam. Later some of Mike's friends turn up with guitars, drums and other stuff and we all end up jamming in the downstairs lounge for a few hours which was different because half of the time I couldn't understand a word some of them were singing as it was in French but oh well it was good.

So Wednesday comes around in Moncton and the weather is still bad so I decided to take the day off and chill at the hostel and work on some of my assignment for university back home. As I had stayed in all day I decided to go out and grab a bite to eat and ended up in this Vegitarian restaurant which was not what I expected not only was it nice food but it was cheap too! So got back just before we all headed out to the pub to see some live music and drinks all night so walking back was fun as everyone was a different nationality and all having a laugh, which is what I like about hostels.

Thursday came around and it was time to pack up and say goodbye to Moncton...Well after packing and checking out by 10:30 I had to wait until 4:30pm until I could leave to go to the train station and get ready for my 17 hour journey to Montréal. Well it lasted 19 hours in the end as we had to go slowly during the night and we stopped for 30 minutes to have an extension to the train so we were now about 20 odd carriages long! So arriving in Montréal at 10:20am instead of 8am on Friday.

So I'll leave it there for now and write up about where I am tomorrow so I'll catch upi tomorrow now!


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